Saturday, March 31, 2018

3 Layer Paper Necklace

Paper Crafts Tutorial: Paper Jewellery Ideas on How to make a Beautiful 3 Layer Paper Bead Necklace | Fashion Jewelry. This beautiful paper Jewelry necklace is a 3 layered necklace of handmade paper beads that can be made by recycled paper from old magazines and newspapers.

This DIY upcycled paper bead necklace can easily be made at home to make the best out of waste. Paper strips are rolled, shaped and glued to form different paper bead designs. With paper bead templates provided in this tutorial you can explore your imagination to form other fashion Jewelry. It is really a fun activity to enhance your paper jewellery making skills and ideas. Paper jewellery making is an art that is gaining popularity day by day, so use your creativity and make one for your special one and impress her with your DIY handmade skills.

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